Why sponsor BSides Tirana?

By sponsoring BSides Tirana, you will not only be supporting a thriving community of security experts, but also have the chance to connect with potential customers and partners. We have a range of sponsorship packages available, each of which offers a variety of benefits tailored to your specific needs.

As people talk about us they talk about you or at least see you. BSides has been covered in magazines, podcasts, videocasts, blogs, and even inscribed on microchips. Get caught up in the conversation and be part of what people are talking about.

Depending on the level of sponsorship, you may recognize your brand placement at some or all of the following: t-shirts, signage/lanyards, lunch sessions, or attendee badges. Based on your level of participation, create and custom branding may be arranged including transportation, banners, and podcast interviews.

For some, sponsoring large events is not within their price range leaving them with no option for communicating their message. BSides Tirana is just the place for you! This small, community atmosphere brings together active and engaged participants who want to absorb information. Sponsoring a BSides event enables to be that big fish in a small pond and better communicate your message to an active audience.

BSides enables its supporters and participants to identify and connect with industry leaders and voices. These participants represent the social networking of security. They are the people who you want to engage to solicit feedback and bring voice to your conversation.

You didn’t enter the security industry selling your product to everyone the same way, so why approach events that way?  Instead of marketing to the broader “security” community connect directly with the security practioners who write about, talk about, recommend, and implement security products and services.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please don’t hesitate to contact us at organiser@bsidestirana.al. We would be happy to discuss the available opportunities with you and answer any questions you may have.

Diamond Sponsor

Sky Express
Reliable Cyber Security Partner

Sky Express offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and expert security services tailored for customers managing the most critical information systems. Our clientele gains access to advanced software solutions designed to safeguard their data, comprehensive training programs that enhance security awareness, proficient IT support services, and managed security services provider (MSSP) offerings. Operating within the regions of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and North Macedonia, Sky Express holds a significant market presence. Our strategic alliance with Evolution Equity Partners, a prominent Swiss IT investment fund, positions us uniquely to collaborate directly with global leaders in cybersecurity solutions.

Platinum Sponsors


Axians is the linking pin of our connected planet. We aim higher than technical excellence, to make tomorrow’s world more livable and fair. We are part of a Group that is infused with strong human values and social ethics, a culture of qualitative relationships and close attention to stakeholders and end-users.

Gold Sponsors


Silverfort is the provider of the first Unified Identity Protection Platform that consolidates security controls across corporate networks and cloud environments to block identity-based attacks.

Silver Sponsors

Media Partner

A2 CNN Affiliate

The exclusive partner of CNN in Albania, a 24/7 news channel based in Tirana.

Community Supporters

Net Space

Net Space Albania is a technology community with the main purpose of encouraging learning and sharing knowledge in the field of technology. This is a place where everyone with an interest in technology has the opportunity to come to learn, work and develop projects together.