BSides Tirana - 21 May 2022


BSides Tirana is a one-day conference on information security founded in 2022 by people who started their cyber-security career in Albania to support and bring the Albanian InfoSec community together. It is a free-of-charge inclusive event open to anyone in the InfoSec community, whether you are a student, seasoned professional, or someone who has a slight interest in Cyber Security. The event will also provide an opportunity for students, rookies, and security enthusiasts to get involved and be heard in a worldwide exposed event. Professionals from all over Europe, and especially from Albania, will have the opportunity to meet and network during the conference.


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The conference will be organised in the beautiful capital of Albania, Tirana. Tirana is the heart of the economy of Albania, known for its colorful Ottoman-, Fascist- and Soviet-era architecture. Pastel buildings surround the city’s focal point, Skanderbeg Square, which is named for its equestrian statue of a national hero.

Do you want to further explore Tirana after attending the conference? Take a look at Tirana’s top attractions.

BSides Tirana would not be possible without the help and support of our fantastic sponsors and supporters, so a big thank you to all for making BSides Tirana possible.


Attendance will be free for everyone, but please make sure to register and confirm attendance.