Dylan Dubief

Senior Pentester @bishopFox

Dylan Dubief aka @Luzark_ is a self-taught Hacker and a Senior Security consultant for bishopfox.
I initially specialized in cryptography and physical intrusion but my curiosity usually bring me to work on various subjects from classic appsec to coffee makers hacking.
I've a growing interest on blockchain & smart contract hacking since the last few years and I'm always up for a beer (this is an invitation).

17:15 - 17:45

Pallati i Kongreseve (The Palace of Congresses) Main Conference - 22 September

Investigating Blockchain

Blockchains are known to be huge repositories of public data. But what can we find there and what can it be used for?
This talk will aim to answer these questions. To show the interest of knowing how to explore blockchains for both forensics and bug hunting.
The amount of data contained in some blockchains makes research and processing sometimes complicated, between transaction analysis, scripting and mathematics, we will see how to efficiently extract the most interesting data from public blockchains.
For both Red and Blue public