Jim Djoka

Cybersecurity Governance Swiss Knife - Clever Lynx
Jim is a Cybersecurity enthusiast with over 19 years of experience managing Cybersecurity in major financial, IT and biotech companies in Belgium and France, 11 years as a CISO. His speciality is to help companies setup or transform their security organisation.


12:30 - 13:00

Pallati i Kongreseve (The Palace of Congresses) Main Conference - 22 September

All quiet on the Western front, your first 100 days as a CISO

The aim of the session is to present the role of the CISO and (hopefully in an entertaining way) share the known and less known aspects of its mission, it's role towards the business and other stakeholders, required skills and advised training and education, how to handle the first 100 days but also aspects to check out before saying yes to the mission. For dramatical purpose, light analogies to warfare may be included for better audience experience.