Klaus Agnoletti

Head of Community and long time infosec- and open source geek
Klaus Agnoletti started in infosec in 2004. As a long time active member of the infosec community in Copenhagen, Denmark he co-founded BSides KĂžbenhavn in 2019.

Currently as head of community in CrowdSec one of his current roles is to spread the word and inspire the infosec community to join the crowd.



21 May 2022 - 09:00 BSides Tirana 2022 - Schedule

CrowdSec, a crowd-based approach to infrastructure defense

Discover CrowdSec, a collaborative, free and open source security automation platform relying on both IP behaviour analysis and IP reputation. CrowdSec identifies threats and shares IP addresses behind malevolent behaviours across its community, to allow everyone to block them preventively. Already used in 80 countries across 6 continents, the solution builds a real-time IP reputation database of currently ~200.000 IPs that keeps growing every day and benefits all community members who have each other's backs while forming a global defence shield.