Nishaanth Guna

Security Consultant, MDSec
Nishaanth has been in the security consulting industry for the last 7 years and specialize in mobile application security with experience of testing abundance of hybrid and native mobile applications. Apart from application security, he is interested in cloud and vulnerability research. He also has presented in various conferences including Steelcon, PHDays, InCTF, BlueJeans Con amongst others. He has also reported multiple vulnerabilities to Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, NCSC UK. While away from keyboard, he loves to play chess, hike, travel and read about startups and emerging technologies.


14:00 - 17:00

Protik ICT Resource Center Workshops - 21 September

Attacking and Defending Kubernetes Clusters

In this comprehensive workshop, participants will delve into the world of Kubernetes cluster security. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical scenarios which were observed during real-life security assessments of K8S clusters for enterprises, attendees will gain a deep understanding of both attacking and defending Kubernetes clusters. This workshop is beginner level and tailored for anyone who wants to get into DevOps, system administrators, and security professionals and anyone who wish to enhance their skills in securing Kubernetes environments.

Pre-requisites for the workshop: Basic understanding of application security fundamentals, a laptop with administrative rights (to install the tools necessary), VirtualBox/Workstation (will add more in the future if any)