Elio Pashaj

Cybersecurity Engineer
Cybersecurity, Pentester, RedTeam in different areas like government, telecommunication, airline. Working with different government sectors to hunt adversaries and different Advanced Persisten Threats.


15:45 - 16:15

Pallati i Kongreseve (The Palace of Congresses) Main Conference - 22 September

Cyber Threat Hunting Guide: Techniques, Models, Tools, Benefits

Cybercriminals are growing clever than ever before, making cyber threat hunting a crucial component of the network, endpoint, and data security measures. If a sophisticated external attacker or insider threat is able to circumvent basic network protection mechanisms, they may go unnoticed for weeks. To minimize the consequences of security breaches, it is crucial to detect them as soon as feasible. No longer can security professionals afford to wait for automated cyber threat detection systems to alert them of an approaching attack.