Estelle Auberix

CEO @IOKELA, Co-founder @Cloudhersity, Microsoft Regional Director/Azure MVP/Certified Trainer (MCT)
With an experience as IT Manager in a subsidiary of Suez and a strong experience of business creation, I have a very good understanding of the IT needs and constraints of all types of companies. I am currently focusing on Human-centric innovations and cyber security. I am also training people on Cloud, IoT, Blockchain and new Technologies.


11:00 - 13:00

Protik ICT Resource Center Workshops - 21 September

Cyber Threats' detections and investigations in Azure

As Cyberattacks are arising day-by-day, every organization needs to be secure enough to fight against them. Being pro-active is the recommended approach, so if you don’t log and monitor anything at all. Your organization will have blind spots, and that will make it incredible hard for both security & IR teams.
In this session, you will learn how to monitor each activity that occur within your organization in order to find out unusual user activities, sensitive info accesses, unwanted changes in configurations, privileged access assignments, etc.
Then you will understand how you could become a forensic investigator by surfing various Microsoft portals and collect the appropriate details to identify the start of the attack, the affected areas, and more.
To finish, you will see how Microsoft Security Copilot could help you to respond to threats faster.